How we celebrate. (part 1)

I’ve yet to read a greeting card that sounds better that what my husband can scrawl in his messy handwriting on a piece of paper. Not a single one I’ve come across  speaks to us and what we know to be true and how it feels to be married to one another.

For that reason, we have a rule when it comes to celebrations of love in our home. All cards for the occasion will be handmade - even if it’s just written on the back of our electric bill. We’ve been making our valentine’s day cards to one another for years and since we’ve been married, our anniversary cards fall into this category too. The art of the hand-written love letter seems to be dying out in our technology age and so it’s our small way of trying to keep it alive.

We woke up yesterday to a cool, rainy day and since I took the day off, we stayed in bed and let Everly bounce back and forth between us in bed for a long time. Then we got up, had our morning coffee/tea/bottle and set to work writing our love letters.

Everly and I danced around the living room to Nat King Cole while we waited for Brent to finish his in the other room.

We’re saving all of them in a box as a tangible part of our history together. Brent and I have decided to make our wedding anniversary an official family holiday. We’ve promised that we will always take the day off from work/school to do something fun together with our children. We feel it’s really important to instill in our family that being married takes hard work and commitment but it’s also something the should be celebrated. We hope our children learn to look forward to September 29th each year in the same way they might anticipate a birthday or vacation.

First stop for us yesterday was Grandaddy’s Antique Mall in Burlington. It’s right off Hwy 40 about 45 minutes from our front door and features over 2 indoor acres of antique and vintage treasures.

It was the perfect way to escape the rain and among the treasures we fell in love with were a colorful old quilt, a bright red,vintage tandem bicycle and an old, metal toy truck.

We could have stayed for hours but knew that more fun was waiting for us about 15 minutes down the road.