Greatest Earthly Blessing.

I’ve been anticipating this for months- Our first family photos as a foursome. Brent, myself, our children (plural - TWO OF THEM!) It’s been well over a year since our last family photo shoot when I was secretly pregnant with Arlo but hadn’t uttered a word about it to anyone. And now, here we are with that chubby baby from last year’s photos replaced with a vivacious toddler and in my arms, a sweet little boy who has brought even more joy into our lives.

When I look at these photos, I puff up like a proud mama hen. If I sit down and attempt to wrap my head around our situation, I’ll often make myself weepy with the realization that we created this - Brent and I - we were individuals, and then a couple, and now two amazing little souls exist in this world because of us. I am awed by the tangibleness of that love.

With the holidays quickly approaching, we met up with super talented, Raleigh based photographer Autumn Harrison of Reminscing Moments to take advantage of the fall color. I had three locations and two outfits picked out for our family, but was quickly knocked back into reality that I have a toddler and a baby and the clock was ticking on how long they were willing to play along.

We scraped the second outfit and instead set out for our favorite field to let our wild girl romp her heart out. To be honest, I’m a bit stunned that Everly isn’t just a blur of color in these photos as we were literally playing a game of “catch and release” for the entire shoot.

What a precious life we share.  To be in this world together. To truly live our days as a family. To know what it feels like to be sheltered, comforted, cared about. There is a magnet that sits on my sister in laws fridge that reads “You are my greatest earthly blessing” and I think it’s the most perfect sentiment for how I feel about my family. 

There is a look that Brent and I give to one another all the time. Nothing verbal is exchanged between us, and yet we both know exactly what the other is thinking. 

Look at what we made. 


In a season of so much over abundance, when our society is focused on shiney new things to add to our lives, it’s the gift of a little girl’s laughter through towering oaks and the soft, porcelain cheeks of my baby boy that remind us how overwhelmingly rich we already are.



*A very special thank you to Autumn, whose unbelievable patience, kindness and talent shines through in the images she captured of our family. You made our day so much fun!

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