Mylah & Everly’s Down on the Farm 2nd Birthday Party.

Two weeks ago, I sent my best friend an email asking if we could push the girl’s joint birthday party to January 15th. We’d originally planned it for the 8th (right in between both of their birthdays) but since I couldn’t get my act together, I’d done nothing to plan for it, including the basics, like, you know… inviting people.

"I have a barn shaped cat house (more on that later), some cow print balloons, and I know I want to do some kind of sheep craft with cotton balls." And that was my plan. At least my part of it, anyway. Natasha, (the best cook I know, who feeds me all the time, and also throws amazing parties) had her menu set long ago so I knew I had to get my butt in gear if I was going to pull together some decorations.

"Let’s keep it simple and small," she said and I whole heartedly agreed. We invited immediate family and a couple friends. Four days before the party, realizing I still hadn’t done much, I got on amazon and searched the words "Farm party" - I bought barn shaped goodie boxes, some farm themed foam stickers, and some bandanas. With that purchase, I felt like I was back in the game. The night before, I set to work with a couple spools of ribbon, my beloved stack of colored felt, my trusty glue gun and some scrap book paper to make some decorations to hang up.

The day of the party, Natasha showed up with her amazing array of food and suddenly our simple, small party didn’t looks so small or so simple. It actually looked massive (and that was compounded by a few last minute phone calls to friends to say, “Hey why don’t you stop on by”). We kept laughing and saying “What happened to small and simple?!?” We had just spent the last few days asking each other “Can I do something else? I feel like I haven’t done enough!” and putting it all together made us realize we’d done plenty. We’ve joked that all future birthday parties, whether they are joint or for our individual kids, are going to require tag teaming as this was about as stress-free as party planning gets!

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

For the wall behind the food table, I pulled inspiration from this ribbon garland photo & this accordian flower tutorial.

I love that the wall display had an Americana vibe, I’d love to use it again during July 4th. See that barn on the table-that’s my cardboard cat box barn. During a late night insomnia-induced internet session, I found it on Amazon and was super stoked. Its original purpose was for cats to curl up in and play but it was the perfect piece to pull the farm theme together on our table. I was hoping to save it, but the day after the party, Everly climbed inside of it (tiny girl!) and then burst out like Godzilla and it’s now in several different pieces. RIP cat box barn, you were awesome!

We wanted simple comfort foods and Natasha put together a menu that included corn dogs, tater tots, corn on the cob and homemade chili with lots of fixins and dipping sauces.

She also made this adorable “Veggie Patch” and fresh berries basket that look straight off the back of a farmer’s truck. I reall loved the way she displayed them (note: she used a clementine box for the veggies!) And a big THANK YOU to my mother in law who let me raid her linens for all of the table coverings!

I went the easy route on cupcakes - box mix, a little cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of green “grass” sprinkles. We stuck a little plastic farm animal in each to tie in the theme. (little ones need to be supervised as the farm animals are mouth sized!)

My Dove in her cutie farm girl outfit! I found the vintage overalls on etsy and I have to rave for a minute on the chickie hair clip. It was made by One Little Monkey and the shop owner, Carey, went above and beyond to get it to me in time for the party. Bonus points -I plan to use it again at Easter!

Our new living room full of family and friends. It was so much fun to have them all over as this was the first time many of them had seen our house.

It was a little chilly that day, but it never fails that the guys like to congregate outside, so we borrowed an outdoor heater and some quilt covered hay bales to make it more party friendly.

A quick shot of Brent and I during the fun.

Natasha and Everly stealing a quick snuggle in the kitchen. It’s the most amazing thing to have friends who love my children and vice versa. It makes this whole parenting experience easier when you have wonderful friends to share it with.

A few other fun little things:

Goodie boxes

Our octagonal play yard we turned into a “pig pen” with a bunch of pig-faced, pink balloons. (An idea we saw on Pinterest!)

Farm themed crafts - In the playroom we had a table set up with lots of crayons, markers, googley eyes, foam stickers, and other supplies so that the kids could make something to take home.  (Look how proud Mylah is of her picture above - so sweet!)

To finish the day: a birthday song, presents, and time spent celebrating these wonderful little girls. It was the sweetest day start to finish.