Letters to Everly.

Dear Dovie,

This little blog is full of your milestones and firsts. So here’s a big one. This is the first time you met the Atlantic ocean. It’s been a busy year for us as a family and we’re a little ashamed that it took us until the end of November to introduce you to something so important.

Your father and I have spent more years than we can even remember dancing in the sand on the Carolina shore. trying to out run the rushing tide. Making sand castles. Having our hair blown by the salty breeze.

and now it’s your turn to know how it feels to unleash your spirit here. Despite the cold and drizzly weather, it was pretty obvious how you felt about the experience. As we stood there watching you take it all in, the wind carried your laughter out to sea.

And I made a promise right there that I would never keep you away so long again.