House Tour: Everly’s Big Girl Room

I’ve had several of you ask to see what we’ve done with the inside of our new house and I’m looking forward to sharing it - but part of me will always feel like every room is never done. I’m always tweaking things with a new lamp here, a pillow there, a coat of paint on an old table, etc.

Everly’s room is the first bedroom in our house that is finished (although I still have about 10 more projects I’d like to do in there!) so I wanted to share it with you all.

You’ll have to excuse the wrinkles in the canopy over her bed. Brent built a wooden frame to support it and we were excited to put it up afterwards. It needs to be taken down and ironed or at least steamed, but I haven’t found the time to do it yet.

Wall Color: Wisp care of Dear Baby sponsor, Quiet Nursery. Wisp is the palest lavender you can imagine - it feels so crisp, clean and soothing on her walls. I wanted a soft, pale color to accents the more bold components of her room and Wisp was exactly that. Quiet Nursery’s line of paints was created specifically for baby and children’s rooms. The line is completely organic and non-toxic with absolutely no solvents or VOC’s. It was ideal for my children’s walls and the fact that it is non-toxic is so important If you’re considering painting a crib or any furniture that your children come in contact with on a daily basis. It was peace of mind to use Quiet Nursery paints in both of our children’s rooms (Arlo’s room tour to come!)  Looking for a deal? For the next two days, their entire Quiet Nursery paint collection is on sale on

Curtains: Karma Living via a sale on

Canopy: A gift from a friend who works for Pottery Barn Kids when Everly was a baby. It may or may not have actually been in production as she purchased it from their employee sample sale. We have carried it from San Francisco to NC and stored it for years in anticipation of putting it in her room one day!

Chenille Bedspread: Vintage via ebay (I’ve also got my eye out for an inexpensive pair of complimentary pillow shams for her bed!)

Everly’s closet did not have doors when we purchased the house, so our immediate solution has been to put up curtain panels. Eventually, I’d like to put wooden sliding doors back up. We wanted to create a space that would carry her through toddlerhood and into her girlhood years without requiring any major updates. We debated what kind of bed to put in her room, but since we had this double already available, we decided to use it instead of purchasing something. She loves sleeping in a “big girl” bed but I folded down the bed rails for these photos.  The orange dresser was a carryover from her shared nursery with Arlo and there are several vintage needlepoints up in her room which have been a part of her room decor since her first nursery in North Carolina.

Chevron Striped Rug: NuLoom via a sale on Joss & Main (I love this site for home decor and got this giant 8 x 10 rug for an absolute steal! There is plenty of pricey home decor on the site, but if you check it regularly, there are some great deals to be had too!) Want an invite to join, here’s mine.

Headboard: A family antique that my grandfather brought over for Everly. It originally belonged to her great, great Aunt.

We found this little desk at vintage store near our house and we borrowed this chair from a set of four loaned to us by my mother in law. I have plants to paint the drawers on the desk with Quiet Nursery’s Bloom (a deep red/pink) and I want to add colorful new knobs. This little desk is Everly’s favorite thing in her room. We keep lots of stickers, crayons and paper in the drawers and she loves to have her own space to “work”. It barely made this shot, but what’s a toddler’s bedroom without toys?! To the right of the desk is a little toy bin with several of her favorite dolls & playthings (although most of her stuff resides in our playroom these days).

Needlepoints: Vintage

Lamp: A gift from my dad, we spray painted the base teal to match her room.

Mirror penant: Flux Glass on Etsy

My grandfather, Blaney, made this little doll bed for Everly. The little quilt was a sweet gift from Chelsea at Lola Miren.

I’m kind of proud of this DIY project. This was originally the dining room fixture when we bought the house. It was silver in color and we hated it, but once we spray painted it and added a ceiling medallion, it took on a new life as a chandelier in Everly’s room. Eventually, I’d like to trade out the frosted globes for clear glass ones.

A final little corner of Dovie’s room. She is very big on being independent these days, so we hung her coat rack low enough that she could easily reach her book bag and coats for school. The hair clip holders were made by my talented cousin, Mary.

So there you have it - Everly Veda’s big girl bedroom! I love how content she can be to play in here for hours. It fills me with delight to see how much she loves her room. Whenever anyone comes to our house, the first thing Everly does is grabs their hand and lead them back to her room. She’s quite proud of it!

I’m proud that the good majority of stuff in her room was repurposed, bought for cheap, or family hand-me-down. All told, we spent about $380 putting together a room that she can use through elementary school! In the coming weeks and months, I hope to feature more rooms of our house as we finish them. Next on the list, Arlo’s nursery!