DIY Projects For Semi Crafty Non Perfectionists

Well, here I am. Back with a new craft for you people itching to make something sort-of-cool. This one comes complete with awful instagram photos to document my process. I couldn’t even be bothered to break out my camera and take decent photos because of that convenient non perfectionist mentality that I use to approach these sort of projects. 

Today we are making a super cool branch and yarn wrapped thingy (official title, I’m having it trademarked)

While this particular project only requires craftiness on an average to slightly above average scale, it does however requires a large amount of patience which is not something I have a lot of when it comes to craft projects. I once started one of those yard wrapped wreaths I saw on Pinterest, got half way through it and said ENOUGH WITH THIS. I tossed it into a corner of our basement where it still lives today, only partially completed. 

I dug deep for the attention span to complete this. I HAD A VISION. It lived in my brain and I was determined to bring it to life. So this is basically my whimsical frankenstein. We used it as a back drop at Arlo’s party and then as soon as I attach some more secure hangers to the back of it, I hope to hang it above the crib in his nursery where he can admire the blood (I got a little tree branch scratch), sweat (a lot because it was hot outside), and tears (because whyyyyy is it taking so long to finish?!?) that I spent to make it.

Let’s get this craft started. 


  • Some sticks! I pillaged these from my neighbors yard. Look for ones that are nice and branchy. 
  • Letters to spell something. I spelled Arlo but you could put whatever you want - LOVE ( a wedding decoration), EAT (to hang on your dining room wall), or your kiddos name. I found mine at Micheal’s crafts. They were white so we spray painted them orange. I’m not going to show you a picture of how to do that because I believe your semi crafty self is far too intelligent to be burdened by the obvious.
  • Masking tape
  • Yarn in as many different colors as your heart desires
  • There are feathers in this picture. I thought I might use them but decided not to add them. I may attempt it later if the mood strikes.

Decide how you want to arrange your sticks together. Make sure that there is a nice strong, secure stick in the middle to act as your base to attach the letters. Use masking tape to tightly wrap/tape them together. Without tearing it, I wound the tape through the sticks and around to make them secure.

Start wrapping! Cover up the masking tape with yarn and begin to wrap down the branches. I found it was easier to pull out a large bunch of yarn and maneuver that through the branches instead of the whole, large yarn ball. You can easily tie on more yarn if you run out. To change colors, just tie on the next yarn color to the existing thread. I snipped off the extra piece and started from there. In the part where I have stripes of two colors, I tied a new color on and then just wrapped both colors of string together, side by side around the branch.  This is the hard part - all of the wrapping. You could do more or less depending on your desired look.

I would tie off one wrapping and then start a new one further down the branch in a different color. I left a lot of the branch showing as I liked the more rugged, natural look of it. On some branches, I even kept the wrapping going up the smaller branches that split off from the main stick. It was a little awkward to maneuver and I had to be gentle so as not to break off any of the smaller branches (although I did break some anyway). I found that sitting in a chair with it across my lap worked best.

To attach the letters, use the same wrapping technique, making sure to pull the yarn tight to keep the letters in place. I anchored them to two different branches when possible (refer to completed projected photo to see a better shot of how the letters are attached. Sorry, I should have taken more photos of this) I first attempted to attach the letters with glue (both a liquid adhesive and then my glue gun) but neither of these held it as securely as I wanted. Wrapping the letters around the branches with yarn proved to be the most secure way to attach them.

Finally, I used a single piece of yard, wrapped around the branch in two places to make the “hanger” for the piece. It works ok, but my next plan is to attach small hangers with screws to the main stick so that it looks like it is floating on the wall instead. All total, this project took about 3 hours of dedicated time (or more realistically 7 hours of me starting and stopping, getting distracted by food, children, and other various household activities) 

I love the finished look of it and think you could reinterpret this so many different ways. If you don’t have the time to commit to it, consider making a mini version! Since I also promised to suggest a beverage to drink while you make things in my first craft of this series, this project pairs nicely with a cold hefe weissen to sip while you sweat your butt off on the front porch making this gorgeous monstrosity.

Looking for other Semi Crafty Non Perfectionist things to do? Here’s the first one I featured. Next up, I found a great use for a surplus of coffee filters that have been sitting in my kitchen cabinet ever since we discovered the joys of a french press! (Get your glue guns ready for that one ladies!)

Send me a picture if you make your own!