Mastering No Heat Curls with Baby Fine Hair.

I’ve promised a few friends that I was going to put a post up on some tips and tricks I’ve learned around using the well loved no heat curls technique that has made the rounds on the internet in the past 6 months. A few of them shared that they didn’t have good luck with the curls or that they were too tight or too loose. If your hair is super thick, I’m not sure if these tips will be helpful, but it never hurts to try!  (Also, sorry for the low quality photos, I snapped these on my phone.)

Let me say first, this little trick has been a GAME CHANGER for me. My hair is baby fine, thin and really does not like to curl. If it does curl, they will most likely fall out in an hour or two. It also grows slowly so I’m not too keen on using heat since it can cause breakage. This technique is awesome because I can do it before I go to bed. The next morning it takes me less than 10 minutes to do my hair. I’ve probably done this 30 times or more now and here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

1. These two products have made all the difference (I’ve found both of these in my local drugstore & on

  • Big Sexy Hair Powder Play - this is a texturing powder that should be used sparingly. It sticks to hair and makes it separate nicely but be careful not to overuse or you won’t be able to get a brush through it! I’ll talk about when I use this below.
  • Bumble and Bumble Style Creme - This is my favorite product to use on my wet hair to help hold curl and give my hair shape. I use just a dime sized amount, but again, I don’t have a ton of hair so you may need to experiment on how much you need.

2. My experience has been that No Heat Curls work best of freshly washed hair. My hair won’t really hold the curl if I try to do it on dry hair that I’ve worn all day. I put a little B&B styling creme on my hair and then blow dry it about 90% dry so that it’s just the slightest bit damp before I start to wrap. This is what my hair looks like at this point:

3. These are my favorite stretchy headbands. I’ve tried it with the skinny ones and the thicker ones, but this medium sized band seems to give me the best curls.

4. Take your time wrapping each strand (refer to the No Heat Curls link at the top of this post for a step by step on how to do this), brushing it smooth as necessary, and keep your wraps fairly tight - when they get too loose, they tend not to curl well for me. Once I get to the end I just wrap it around and around over itself in the shape of a barrel then secure both of the back pieces with bobby pins.

5. Once you’ve wrapped all of your hair, make sure to move the top of the headband as far back on your head as possible. Leaving it near your forehead may create an obvious dent in your bangs or part. Also, if you have longer hair and want your curls to start farther down on your hair, you can move it all the way to the back and off of your head and bobby pin in place.

Here’s how my curls turned out when I pushed the top of the head band completely off my head and slept in it. Much looser curls that started farther down on my hair.

When I do it the standard way, they look like this the next morning. Really tight and not very attractive:

6. When you remove the headband, do so very slowly and carefully, starting at your temples and loosening small sections of hair as you go. If you try to pull it off all at once, because of the way it is wrapped it can sometimes tighten down on the headband and form a big knot! I know from experience. Carefully loosen the band and pull wrapped hair out in sections.

7. Take a round brush and brush the heck out of them! It will make you look like a poodle, but it will break up the tight curls a bit. Go ahead, brush brush brush. Here’s what mine look like when I’m done:

8. If your hair seems frizzy or has fly aways, add a small amount of a smoothing serum to your ends - but otherwise, this is when I dust in the texturizing powder. I just rake my fingers through it after I shake a little in and the produce will reform the curls. When I’m done, it typically looks like this:

This big curl look is usually a little too “pageant hair” for my liking, but it will fall and relax within an hour or two.  By mid day, my hair tends to look like this and will stay that way (If I want more volume in the evening, I just shake in more texturizer and scrunch):

If you ever see a photo of me with curly hair, this is how I’m doing it. I don’t ever need a curling iron again! Some days I can even get a second day’s wear out of the curl by adding more texturizing powder the second day and scrunching it back up again (that stuff is magic!).

If you’ve tried them before and they didn’t work, give it another attempt! And if you have a product similar to the two I’ve mentioned that works well for you, I’d love to hear about them. Having baby fine, thin hair means I’m always on the search for ways to bump up the volume!