5 Days at Longest Acres Farm

I have stories and loads of photos to share from our trip but today, I thought I’d just post some photos of the place.  200+ acres about 30 minutes outside of Montpelier, VT. The farm boasts nearly every kind of animal you could ever want to gaze upon (wild or domesticated), the most charming dwellings scattered across the property, plentiful eggs and cheese and milk and veggies to eat straight from the source, cool nights with a dark sky bursting with stars, miles of paths and trails to explore, and the overall goodness of time spent with some of our most cherished friends. To say that I am a bit heartsick over our return to reality is an understatement. It was the most relaxed I have been in several years and the children were just as enamored as Brent and I. Everly has asked to go back to the farm every few hours since we boarded the return plane to Raleigh yesterday.  It was five days inside a sweet dream and I’m already yearning to go back.