Longest Acres: A Few Favorite Moments

Walking hand in hand with my sweet girl. I couldn’t help but be swept up in her sense of adventure and curiosity for the outdoors.

Laying in a hammock while my children played in the yard with nowhere else in the world to be.

Baby Beans, puppy extraordinaire. (Pretty sure Boston Terriers are the cutest pups ever, not that we are biased or anything)

Teaching Everly the joy of eating tender, sweet peas fresh from the garden. (And a lesser favorite moment: farm life doesn’t care if my already dirty hair goes unwashed for one more day)

Every night after the children fell asleep, we would take the oil lamp and a half finished bottle of wine out to the table in the yard to sit around in the dark and laugh with abandon without worry of waking them.

Brent, who spent the entire time teaching himself how to play the mandolin. Because, you know, that’s a totally easy thing to do. 

Soaping up with Dr. Bronners for a late afternoon swim/nature bath in the pond. Don’t worry, they don’t have poisonous water snakes in Vermont. I asked.

Al fresco dinners with the neighbor and nosey chickens.

Watching our dear friends get to know our children all over again. It’s been a year since they’ve held Everly and Arlo in their arms. So much love passed between these two.

A hike with a view you wouldn’t believe. and company that was second to none.