Longest Acres: Mama and Daddy and Babies

I’m just going to keep posting favorite photos from our trip this week, because there are so many and I could look at them for days. The thing I will remember most distinctly about this trip was how much I enjoyed just being with my kids without distractions or schedules. Because we were so remote, Everly went without clothes for most of the week. One or both of the children were almost always sporting a dirt smeared face. Bedtimes and naptimes were relaxed and pushed back but somehow no one had a meltdown. We were just intensely together, all day as we explored the farm, and all night as the four of us slept side by side. 

I look at these photos and I can’t help but smile. If you were here next to me right now, you’d see me puffed up like a proud mama hen. I never get tired of the realization, that wow…. this is my family and we belong to one another.