Home Tour: Our Living Room/Dining Room

If I’m being really honest about it, I would probably never do a post on these two rooms if I were waiting for them to be completely done. There are things I’d like to update or change - a new, comfier couch, something different on the wall with our canvas photos, covering the marble on the fireplace with small oyster tile. The list goes on and on…. but I found myself with a clean house and a pretty bunch of bouquets on the dining table a few weeks ago, and snapped a few shots, so I thought I’d share.  Our house was a true blank canvas when we moved in. For reference, here are the before shots:

We took down that dated fixture in the dining room (and repurposed it with a little spray paint in Everly’s room).  Brent put up wainscoting in the dining room and painted the stripe wall in the living room.  Our house came with no window coveringss and instead of putting in wooden blinds, we opted for roman shades which play double duty of curtain/blinds. I really like them.

We found this gorgeous apothecary fixture at Lowe’s. It even sports an Edison bulb which gives it a real antique feel. The table and chairs actually belong to my mother in law. She’s graciously let us put this beautiful set in our home since she had it sitting in storage.  The gold mirrors were a cheap craigslist find ($40 for the set!) and the vintage Pan-Am world map was purchased from our vintage-store-owning neighbor when we lived in SF for about $50.  We recently put in a tiny table and two chairs for the kids. They love it! The set is from PB Kids. The really great burnt orange rug under our table has enough pattern to hides stains but is well made and ties in some of the orange from our living room.

I love collecting old lanterns and curious flea market finds. I try to display them in groups to prevent it from getting too nick-nacky.

We have a lot going on in our living room. It’s BUSY. Maybe too busy? I’ve played with a lot of patterns in here - florals, chevron, stripes, and the graphic print on the rug.  Most of the design inspiration for this rooms centers around that bright floral chair. I found it in a consignment shop for $100 last fall and had to have it. I’ve tried to stick to a neutral color palate - tan, browns and creams but have throw in pops of color from the chair - mustard yellow and deep burnt orange for interest. I love the rug in this room and there was a running joke on instagram for a few months because the number one question people asked me was “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT RUG?” The answer: Here.

I’m not really happy with our canvas photo wall. Maybe I need frames around them - it just feels a little incomplete. I’m not sure what yet, but I’m going to play around with it soon.

Our mantle hosts my collection of vintage cameras (some of them belonged to my great grandfather), some favorite old books, and the old glass window pane that has hung in every house we’ve lived in since San Francisco. It’s only natural that our family motto be displayed prominently in our home.

This poor piece of furniture needs some serious attention. It was a gift from Brent on my first mother’s day - and we had big plans to fix the broken glass in the door (which I’ve covered up with a tacked up piece of fabric - a poor substitute!) The top is cluttered with collectibles that haven’t found a permanent home yet and it tends to be a catch all for mail, ink pens, and other things we want out of reach of the children. It also took a beating when we moved. The tape used to keep the old doors closed during our move, ripped off some of the finish. Ideally I’d like to repaint it with a wash of some sort. Maybe an antiqued olive green?

We also keep that shoe rack by the door in an attempt to catch all of the footwear that gets kicked off as soon as we come in. I try to clean it off and put everyone’s shoes away every few days, but it can get loaded pretty quickly.

I’m looking forward to adding a coffee table back into the room soon. We stopped using one when Everly was just beginning to toddle about because she kept hitting her head and we just left it out because we knew Arlo was right behind her. Now that my children are becoming more sure-footed, I think it’s time to reintroduce one.

Also, I should note that I’m missing a photo of one wall of our home - I forgot to take one of the wall with our sofa, tv, and a bookcase. It’s where we also keep a storage bin of children’s toys. I don’t have a high res image, but here is a crummy one I snapped of part of it on my phone to give you an idea. It wouldn’t be a realistic home with two children without a few toys in every room, right? We have a braided toy bucket next to the couch a small basket with toys and children’s books on the bottom of our bookshelf:

The thing I’m most proud of about this space is that we have spent very little money in decorating it. Almost everything is a family hand-me-down or a craigslist find or something we bought for pennies at a consignment shop or flea market. The more modern touches were acquired on discount sites like Overstock.com or Joss&Main. Nothing matches, but each piece was hand picked with love. There are a lot of stories and memories that make up the decor in our home, and that really means the most to me.

So that’s our living/dining area! It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a warm and happy space for our family. I’m also really looking forward to finishing up the house tour posts by showing you all our playroom and our bedroom at some point in the future.