Happy Half Birthday, Arlo!

Arlo Redding turned 18 months old on Saturday, so we took a little time to celebrate him this weekend. We started the half birthday tradition with Everly because her birthday is so close to Christmas, but have kept it going with Arlo too.  We keep it simple: a small, special gift and a cake (or cupcakes!) complete with a song for the half birthday boy or girl.

It’s almost hard to comprehend how much my son has grown and changed since we celebrated his first birthday six months ago. It feels like I was just there next to him on a warm day in May, watching as he tried to make sense of the song and the glowing candle and the cake we placed in front of him. This time, he clapped along as we sang, he blew and blew and blew until the candle went out and grabbed his prized cupcake with both hands and an open mouth.

Everly spent all day on Saturday hugging Arlo tightly around the neck and exclaiming “Today is your half birthday, buddy!” In some small way, I think she is also aware of just how fast her baby brother is turning into a little boy. In the past few months he has truly become her best friend, confidant and partner in crime.  As we all sat around the dinner table Saturday night, eating cupcakes in Arlo’s honor, Everly reached out her cupcake to “cheers” me. “Here’s to Arlo!” I said to her as our cupcakes touched. She smiled back with a ring of frosting around her lips.

Here’s to Arlo and his first 18 months. And here’s to the lucky us, who get to celebrate this sweet boy on every birthday, half birthday and all the days in between.