A Little Story About Eddie.

Everly asked to wear a party dress and her “parkalee” shoes for Arlo’s half birthday despite the fact that our plans mainly involved just hanging around the house. I thought it was a sweet request, so I obliged.

As she dressed for the day, I asked her what kind of present we should get Arlo for the occasion. She thought for a long moment and then said “A sandwich and some pants.” 

I laughed and then asked “What about a dinosaur!” knowing full well I already had bought a large, inflatable one for him. “Only if it’s pink and tiny,” she said back. 

Later in the afternoon, Arlo unwrapped his dinosaur. It was a little underwhelming as it sat, deflated and unidentifiable at our feet. “Mammmaaa!” Everly chided, “dis isn’t a good one. It’s not even pink!”

I found the air mattress inflater and blew it up for the kids to play with. Arlo squealed with delight at his new friend and took to carrying him around the house. Everly promptly named him “Eddie” and the two of them spent a solid twenty minutes trying to ride Eddie while he laid face down on the floor.

I noticed Everly had gone missing and found her in her room collecting some of her dress up clothes. She brought them back in the living room and asked me to help her put the tutu on Eddie. She was bound and determined to make him a pink dinosaur!

The next hour was spent with my two little ones and their new friends trying on hats and carrying handbags on their shoulders and getting ready to go for tea.  They danced with Eddie and piled on top of him and took breaks every so often to straighten their hats and take a bite of their pretend cupcakes. 

I sat in the chair watching all of this unfold, amazed at the creativity that is already budding in my children. They had such an adventure in a small corner of our living room. 

Eddie, the “pink” dinosaur, is a real popular character around this house. He’s seen a lot of action in the past 5 days. Inflatable toys aren’t known for their durability, but so far, so good.  Part sumo wrestler, part proper lady, I’ve got my fingers crossed he survives his action packed adventures and lives to tell about it.



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