Tuesday Thoughts in Bullet Points

  • The photo above, spotted on pinterest (source) is really speaking to me right now. I was built for great things. My potential is so much bigger than the security and safety of the things I know well. Stop being afraid of failure and get out there, self!
  • I love this post on Heart & Habit about getting the most use out of clothes between siblings. We do a lot of gender neutral hand me downs between our two (Arlo is wearing Everly’s hand-me-down jeggings in his latest post), but I learned a few new tricks here!
  • I am really excited for Brent this week. He will be sharing the story of his personal journey with God and singing some of his songs (and some Christmas tunes!) to a group of college students in Greensboro this Thursday.  Despite being really comfortable performing on stage, my husband sometimes battles social anxiety. Will you join me in praying for courage and clarity for him when he speaks?
  • I can’t stop making this recipe for toasted breadcumb pasta (minus the Vermouth, I don’t keep any on hand) and then adding stuff to it. Roasted veggies, grilled meats. It’s a perfect side dish or the base of a main course. I could eat it every day!

  • Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine reached out to me recently to discuss my thoughts on the influence of blogs on motherhood, the communities that exist through blogging, and my thoughts in general on sharing my parenting journey in a public format. I was really excited and honored to be featured. Check out the December 2012 issue to read more.
  • We’ve been making some moves to be more financially responsible in 2013 (i.e. investing way more in our 401k and savings). To start, we sold my Volvo last week and I’m now driving a 13 year old Isuzu Trooper that we bought outright. Next, we moved Everly to a less expensive (but well loved) preschool where she will go two mornings a week. We are also looking at all of our expenses - phone plans, utilities, etc to figure out how we can cut costs. I also recently got a raise at work that should help us sock more money away.  We still have hopes of budgeting enough to do some traveling and fun activities as a family next year, but I’m excited to take on this money saving challenge! 
  • I shared this on twitter yesterday, but I really, really love the advice in this article about raising powerful girls.  The advice applies to all children and the one piece that struck me as interesting is encouraging your kids to take physical risks (within reason, obviously). That’s a hard one for me sometimes, but I’m going to try harder to keep it in mind.
  • Did you know that today is #GivingTuesday? This time of year there are a lot of designated days where people are called to spend their money and time (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday) but Giving Tuesday is the most in-line with what Christmas and the Holiday season are truly about. Check out GivingTuesday.org for information on how you can help organizations who are doing good in the lives of those in need through the gift of your time or charitable donation.

Happy Tuesday!