Work Clothes/Play Clothes

Here’s what I wore to work and to play.


Play Clothes.

This is comfy weekend wear for me. And I want to take the time talk about my shoes for a minute. I struggle to promote expensive things on my blog because if I can’t justify buying something myself, I’m not going to get on here and tell you that you should.  Tieks reached out to me recently and very kindly offered to send me a pair of their famous leather flats. They didn’t do it in exchange for a review or even a guarantee that I would mention them on my blog. When I browsed their site, the price of these shoes made me go… WHOA! That’s a whole lot of money for a pair of little slip on shoes. I thought to myself, ” I’ve got several pairs of flats, what makes these pricey ones so special?”  Then they arrived, I put them on my feet and they were so comfortable I didn’t even want to take them off to go to bed that night. I have walked and walked and walked in these shoes. They are officially my air travel shoes. My chasing toddler shoes. My go anywhere shoes. They are classic, go with everything and make my feet so happy.  I am telling you all of this because I know in confidence that I will be purchasing another pair when I wear these out one day. The average cost per wear on these bad boys is going to be pennies by the time I get through with them. Another bonus: I learned on their site that Tieks supports one of my favorite charities, Kiva, and to date has donated almost $400,000 to provide microloans to people in developing countries.

Sweater: BB Dakota

Striped shirt: Forever21

Pants: Target

Shoes: c/o Tieks


Work Clothes.

Whew. This photo is proof that I was in MAJOR need of some hair attention. and maybe a nap. (Status update: I got both! Keep reading for proof)  I feel like this outfit has some sort of British countryside horseback thing going on.  These boots are my wannabe Frye boots. I found them on ebay for $45 and they were the score of the century. Someone else did all the work of breaking them in and I get all the fun of pretending I’m headed out for a trail ride.

Blazer: Ark & Co (find it in black here)

Shirt: Stitch Fix (I can’t remember the brand right now)

Jeans: Big Star

Boots: Vintage


Work Clothes.

See! New hair (a warmer, medium blonde) - and props to Brent for getting up with the kids at 7am so often lately. Those extra thirty minutes in bed every morning have been a gift!  This is my favorite outfit of the bunch. I just felt really fun all day with these bright boots and this gorgeous cowl.

Cosby Cowl:  c/o Minx Boutique available here (and handmade by a local designer)

Blazer: Ark & Co (P.S. I love this brand)

White top: BB Dakota

Pants: Sanctuary

Boots: Dolce Vita (on major sale via Zulily)


Play Clothes.

A WCPC tradition: Baby on the hip and my beast of a cat in the photo! We were headed to an early Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family.

Yellow sweater: forever21

Blouse: Line and Dot

Belt: Vintage

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Steven


Work Clothes.

This isn’t the most flattering picture of me, but Arlo is too cute so I had to include it. I had lots of greens and oranges and creams going on this day. More shoe love!  I’ve seen the flat slipper version of these shoes all over, but I love that these have an unexpected wedge heel.

Coat: Asos

Cream blouse: Stitch Fix

Floral blouse: Forever21

Necklace: vestique

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: c/o Minx Boutique and available here.


Work Clothes.

You know how every fall when it starts to get cold, you’re like “YAY! I love cold weather!” and then by February you are like “Brrr. When the heck is spring going to get here? I’m over it”  I go through this exact same thing with my love/hate relationship of tights. Every fall I can’t wait to wear them and by late winter I would give anything to sport bare legs again.  The love phase has just launched this season, so expect to see a whole lot of tights wearing outfits in the coming months! And I kind of felt like a ballerina in this outfit.

Cardigan: H&M

Dress: c/o ModCloth

Tights: Target

Boots: MIA Nanette

That’s all the fashion blogging I can muster for a few weeks but I have to admit I always have fun with these posts. Thanks for indulging me!