Little Traditions.

Becoming a parent has made me reflect so often on my own childhood - the choices my parents made in raising my brother and I - the things they taught me - the things they protected me from - and more than anything, I linger on those moments and memories that standout as really happy, special times in my youth.

I want so much to build a mountain of those joyful memories in the hearts and minds of our children. In some way, I hope in those times when I can’t protect them from the difficult and unfair parts of growing up, that they can lean on the goodness we’ve given them to help get through it.

One of my favorite ways to do this is in starting little traditions. The first little tradition Brent and I started was in celebrating our wedding anniversary as a family holiday. All of us together spending the day doing something fun and adventurous.

But our most recent little tradition has taken root in the past few months as my pregnancy cravings have kicked in like clock work near Everly’s bedtime. Every so often, we’ve been putting her in her pajamas, piling in the car and going out for a sweet treat together as a family. Sure she’s supposed to be in bed and yes, pumping her full of sugar at 8pm is probably not the most practical of ideas - but it’s been so fun to feel like we were all “breaking the rules” a bit to go on an excursion for dessert at bedtime.

Brent and I decided that after Arlo is born and my tenacious sweet tooth settles down, we’re gonna keep this up. Maybe once a month - maybe every few months… but we like the idea of bundling our littles in striped pjs and slippers and heading out for a goodnight ice cream or krispy kreme donut, for no particular reason except that it’s fun and out of the norm.

It’s the kind of thing I hope they tuck away deep inside. The sort of memory that makes them smile when they’re my age and chasing after little ones of their own.  A simple Jordan family tradition - Pajamas and cupcakes. Sleepy eyes and root beer floats. A little family giggling at their own rule breaking with sticky ice cream mouths.

If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to give us all sweet dreams (eventually, we when come down off the sugar buzz)