I don’t even want to write this post because there is a part of me that has only now begun to process the horror of Friday’s school shooting. I spent the weekend avoiding the television and news outlets so that I could selfishly enjoy small moments of time when I could almost convince myself it hadn’t happened at all. I’m postponing what I had planned to blog about today.  It’s hard to think about light-hearted subjects when our nation is mourning the loss of twenty precious children and the six women whose life work it was to teach and care for them.

I feel too emotionally thin to get into a debate about the desperate need for some major policy changes to end this violent epidemic in our country, but we’ve reached a critical point here… it.must.stop.

God bless the 26 souls that were so senselessly taken from this world too soon. God bless the families, friends and communities that knew and loved them. God bless this nation who is tired of this perpetual state of mourning the deaths of our innocent.

I have tried to write this post ten different ways but none of my words are coming together, so I will end it here.