Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of March 7th.

Since I’m a few days behind in posting this, let’s just jump right in to last week’s work attire.


I stuck to my “no-more-tights” declaration despite the fact that it was only in the high 50’s this day. It was a quick and chilly walk into the office.

Top: Liz Lange Maternity

Skirt: Vintage, from Held Over on Haight St.

Shoes: Qupid


When this all came together, it had a bit of safari chic feel to it. All I needed was some binoculars and Land Rover and I’d be set. I’m also totally stoked to introduce Francesca’s Collection as a new Dear Baby sponsor. I’ve got a full blog post  coming on their incredibly versatile (and super affordable) line with tons of maternity friendly options. I’ve already started weaving some of my favorite pieces from their current spring collection into my daily wardrobe and I’m loving the results!

Scarf: Vintage

Top: c/o Francesca’s and available here.

Belt: Thifted, Haight St Goodwill

Jeans: Gap Skinny maternity

Shoes: Mia Tudor (Available at Francesca’s here)


I think this is the last time I can wear this little dress for awhile. My preggo boobs have stretched the top of this garment to maximum capacity and I was self conscious about it most of the day. I love the feminine flutter sleeves of this dress and both this belt and shoes are key players in my wardrobe so they’re seeing lots of action lately.

Dress/Top: H&M

Belt: Vintae

Leggings: Forever21

Shoes: Steve Madden


What a rainy, dreary day!  I did my best to spice things up with this bright striped top and my favorite rain boots. I’m actually wearing this Francesca’s collection dress backwards, as the ornate design is supposed to be on the back - but I didn’t want it hidden behind my cardigan, so I turned it around and it still looked fantastic. Brent bought me these rainboots as a surprise during our first rainy winter in San Francisco. I can’t wear them without thinking of his sweet gesture, so they always put a smile on my face no matter how gray the day may be.

Red Striped top: c/o Francesca’s Collection and available here.

Cardigan: A million years old!

Black stretch leggings: Target

Rain boots: Shoe Biz on Haight St

Friday: Work from home. You guys know the routine - no bra, no shoes, no makeup. ahhhh!

What was your favorite from the week?  It’s a toss up between Tuesday and Wednesday for me. The good news is that all of them were supremely comfortable (now that those horribly constricting tights are out of the picture!) The bad news is that now I’ve got a whole new week of closet brainstorming ahead of me!