The winner of the Huntington Kitchen & Onyx Moonshine giveaway is Michelle. Her plans for the weekend include:

Christmas shopping! We’ve had virtually no time to shop, so this weekend we’re kid-swapping with some friends. They’ll shop on Saturday afternoon while we watch their kids, and we’ll shop on Sunday while they watch our kids. So excited!

The winner of the Wanted Shoes, Minx Boutique, & UE Jewelry giveaway is Jacqui S. who shared her most cherished item in her closet:

My most beloved piece in my closet is a 1950’s Little Black eyelet Dress that I discovered in a thrift store bin when I was 15. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was a timeless piece. That was thirteen years ago and it’s seen me through friends’ graduations,weddings,parties, and date nights with my husband. Its chic, sweet, and unique…just my style!

Congratulations ladies and thanks to everyone who entered my giveaways this week. I really loved reading your comments and getting to know you all a little better!

Happy Holidays,