Work Clothes/Play Clothes

Gotta squeeze in a fashion post before the end of the month.  Here are some things I wore to work and to play:


Work Clothes.

I’m all kinds of in love with this black blazer. I’ve worn it constantly lately and I love the leather trim on the lapel. It also has a really cute accordian pleat detail in the back.

Blazer: Line and Dot

Top: Collective Concepts

Leggings: Stitch Fix

Shoes: c/o Minx Boutique

Everly is wearing:

Blazer: Target

Dress: Old Navy

Tights: Target

Shoes: Zulily


Play Clothes.

I wore this on a pretty Sunday when the temps were in the 70s and I couldn’t wait to just enjoy bare legs. We were headed to a birthday party, but afterwards I made a run to the grocery store. Two different women stopped me and told me how much they loved my outfit. It made me feel so great that I couldn’t stop smiling. This skirt is actually two layered together - a pretty soft pink one and a vintage crinoline underneath.

Top: Target

Pink Skirt: DownEast Basics

White crinoline: vintage

Shoes: Steven


Play Clothes.

I didn’t snap a photo of this outfit on our big camera, so this slightly grainy one from my instagram feed will have to do. I bought these wedge sneakers on a whim last fall because I thought they were fun. Whenever I wear them, I try to keep the rest of my outfit pretty neutral because they carry an outfit on their own with their bright pink and red design.  This was a fun Sunday that included brunch at a favorite neighborhood spot and a visit to the partk

Top: Bella Dahl


Shoes: N.Y.L.A

Everly is wearing:

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren

Dress: Vintage

Knee Socks: Zulily

Shoes: Cientas Kids

Arlo is wearing:

Plaid shirt: Mini Boden

Pants: Carhart

Shoes: Converse

Hat: Quicksilver


Play Clothes.

I went with Brent to see him play a show outside Charlotte. I always like to play with soft & edgy combinations and this outfit is a good example of that. I originally wore this short sleeved dress to the rehearsal dinner of one of my best friend’s weddings last fall and haven’t put it on since. It’s too pretty to be sitting in my closet until spring!

Jacket: Ark & Co 


Tights: Target

Boots: MIA Nanette


Play Clothes.

Colors, patterns and red lips! We did some adventuring last weekend and happened upon a neat little collection of vintage and antique shops. It was closed when we went, but we plan to go back this week to check it out again.  

Dress: H&M

Cardigan: c/o Francesca’s Collections

Tights: Target

Scarf: Zulily


Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Arlo is wearing:

Hat: Target

Sweater: Hand me down BabyGap

Shirt: Zulily

Pants: Hand me down EV leggings

Sneakers: Nike

So there you go- Some outfits I wore in January. There is usually at least one outfit I’m iffy about, but I actually like all of these looks this month. A couple feminine looks, some playful and a lots of color. While comparing them all for this post - it got me thinking that I’m not certain I could define my personal style. Romantic? Classic? Sporty? I think I’m all over the place!