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Congrats to our two, randomly selected giveaway winners. I really loved reading all of your stories about the special people in your life.  Here’s a little bit about who our winners love:

Meg wrote: “I sit here watching my husband hold our sweet toddler boy, both of them laughing, as a Daddy introduces his son to the comedic art of the Muppet Show…a special treat before bed. My heart swells with love for these two fine boys…especially in the stolen moments and sly sneak peaks I have the honor of having as a wife and mama.”

Adopting Oleg Wrote: “I love my husband because he is staying home from work with me this week to help potty train our 2 year old twins. I would be crying if it weren’t for him, but having him with me makes it a lot more enjoyable… the same is true for life!”
Congrats to you both! I’ll be contacting you very shortly.