Final Countdown: 5 weeks to Arlo

I am officially uncomfortable. It seems this little mister has decided to settle down further in my hips and back and all of a sudden POW! I feel like a legit pregnant woman. It came on so suddenly this week but I can’t get comfortable, my hips and pelvis feel so ache-y and sore all of the time now.  I’m also having fairly regular braxton hicks contractions and overall I can just feel my body really starting to loosen and prepare for the fact that this little boy will be making his entrance into the world soon.

I had a fantastic midwife appointment yesterday - everytime I leave I have the biggest smile plastered across my face. The midwives at my practice are so informed, so encouraging, so patient - I feel like it’s a medical appointment and a therapy session all in one. As of yesterday, I’ve actually LOST a pound - that makes my total weight gain 22 pounds. My belly is also measuring two weeks smaller again. Both of those factors combined are concerning to me but they assure me that some women just fluctuate in weight and that Arlo’s position in my belly could be to blame for why I’m measuring small. I’ve got weekly appointments from here until my due date so that we can monitor things closely.

Brent and I have been given homework to sit down and map out our birth plan this week. Because the birth center already follows most of my most important birthing wishes as standard protocol I sort of felt like one wasn’t necessary this go round - but they’ve asked us to think about the fact that we’ll be having a water birth this time - Does Brent want to catch Arlo when he is born? Would he rather be behind me in the tub supporting me while I push? We’ve got some decisions to make!

Dress: Vintage, ebay find.