Five Things That Are Bringing Me Joy This Week (Buzzfeed Style!)

1. The Instagram feed for this adorable French Bulldog.

2. This amazingly simple but incredibly profound post on our greatest responsibility as Christians shared by my friend Rachael.

3. This picture of my children.


4. This video that Brent sent to me yesterday of Fred Rogers acceptance speech at the 1997 Daytime Emmys.

5. This photo of me I found while we were cleaning out our basement the other weekend. I’m probably about 8 and my older cousin gave me a “makeover” complete with feathered mullet hair and blue eyeshadow while we hung out in her room. I shared it on Instagram a few weeks ago and dared anyone to prove they were more 80’s than this. So I’ll hand out my challenge here too. Bring it!


Also, an unofficial sixth bit of joy - tomorrow is first Friday! We’ve got a standing agreement with Sarah that she watches the kiddos on that night each month so that Brent and I can go out on a date. I can’t wait!