Yellow shoes.

I had my first pair of yellow shoes when I was about Everly’s age.

(With my dog Hiko)

When I found this pair, I felt they belonged on her little feet this summer. Then a few weeks back, while shopping for a pair of shoes to wear with a bridesmaids dress next month, I stumbled across the most perfect yellow wedges. I had a coupon and a credit, and decided I’d treat myself.

They sat in my closet for two days before I realized that I had subconsciously bought the grown up version of Everly’s shoes.

I carried them out into the living room to strap them on yesterday while Brent fed Dovie lunch. She looked over, pointed her little finger towards my yellow wedges and let out a very approving “Oooohhh!”

Yesterday afternoon we were quite the sunny pair in our mama/baby matching yellow shoes. Sometimes it’s the littlest of things that make my day.



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