Before and After. Our Shared Nursery

I’ve finally got the photos up from our nursery makeover!

We wanted to update Everly’s nursery to make it a shared gender neutral space, appropriate for both she and Arlo, but wanted to keep our budget reasonable.  I really loved a lot of the little vintage pieces we’ve collected over the past year or two to make Dovie’s room special and wanted to expand on the kitschy needlepoints and cute prints we’d hung on her wall.We were blessed with several kind and generous gifts that kept our total money spent on updating the room under $200.   Here’s a few before shots of her room before the update:

Our biggest challenges were making the space fun and useful for two growing children while making the most of the space. Our house has small closets and storage was also a big challenge.  We removed some of the furniture - including her play kitchen (she’s still a bit young for it anyway, it’ll come back out when she’s a little older), the bookcase and the blue & white cabinet. All of these pieces have found new homes in our house. With a lot of help from my very handy mama and a few friends, here’s what we came up with:

We made these chalkboard trays for Everly’s first nursery in San Francisco. Now it’s repurposed as a door sign.

Two Cribs! Believe it or not, the room feels bigger with both cribs than it did with just one. The one on the left is Everly’s PBKids, (discontinued) Harper crib. The one on the right is the Disney Princess 3-in-1 crib. (I cringe at the name, but it was the closest, most economical match I could find to the style of Ev’s crib. It was purchased for us as a gift from my dad and step mom and I really love it!)

We painted over the watermelon red wall with a Benjamin Moore, low VOC color called Mermaid’s tail. We took out the play mat that we had in Everly’s nursery as the green didn’t work with the new wall color. Instead we put down a blue rug we purchased off of several years back.

We kept a lot of the needlepoints we had in Everly’s original room but added a few new pieces including the orange owl and blue dove prints - I loved working with Dear Baby sponsor, Zeppi prints to choose the prints and colors that best coordinated with our nursery. The bright robot artwork is care of Mod Tots. The blank spot on the wall will eventually hold Arlo’s birth announcement .

It took me months to find the right dresser! I searched craigslist and thrift shops for nearly two months before I discovered this beauty for $50. With a little TLC by Brent and a coat of orange paint it became the perfect spot to hold my little ones clothing. The brown bunny on the dresser was my beloved Velveteen Rabbit when I was small - his ears and arms have been patched up more times than I can count.

The crib bumper (a steal at $10 I found at a kid’s consignment event) will come off until Arlo is older, but I’ve got it up now because it looks nice. The colorful quilt was a gift from the darling kids shop, Rooster Legs. The brown and cream dot pattern crib skirt is from Target. The Golden Gate Bridge piece was made by Brent for Everly’s 1st birthday party and the AMAZING felted mobile is care of Dear Baby sponsor, Sqrl*Bee Studios.

We moved Everly’s changing table to the other side of the room and added a mesh hanging storage unit from IKEA. This is perfect for holding cloth diapers, socks, hats and other baby items.  The yellow floating bookshelves were built by my very talented mama and Everly LOVES going to pick out her own books to read before bedtime.

Everly’s crib quilts are both care of my darling friend Chelsea at Lola Miren


I love this small rocker, an Eames remake off of Amazon.  The  orange and red floral pillow is off of Zulily and the Love is Spoken Here pillow is courtesy of Amme and Neb.

And Lastly, a little sneak peek in the closet. We’re using this over the door hanging shoe storage for double duty - it holds shoes/baby items plus disposable inserts for our Gro Via diapers and 7th generation diapers for overnights. I like that each child can have their own row so that I can keep the sizes separate and having it right next to the changing table makes it super convenient to quickly grab what we need. The hanging rack in the closet holds extra baby towels, blankets, and linens. I use the purple plastic container to store clothes that are to grow into/just grown out of until I can move them into large bins in the attic or under the cribs.

And there you have it! Our cheery little nursery - full of bright colors and hand picked items just for our sweet babies. It’s the happiest room in our home for sure!



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