Final Countdown: 2 weeks to Arlo

Someone needs to tell this little guy that the exit out of my belly is not straight through my left side. He’s been trying to Chuck Norris kick his way out for several weeks now and it’s really starting to hurt! In true little boy fashion, Arlo is so strong and active.

When I was pregnant with Everly, by 38 weeks we were beside ourselves for her to come out, but this time I am savoring every moment for what it is. Every day I try to remember that this might be my last day feeling him safe and secure in my belly and having him all to myself. This might be my last day to parent Everly with ever fiber of my being tuned only to her and her needs. This might be my last day to sleep blissfully close and uninterrupted beside my husband for the next few months. I am looking so forward to the new journey that begins when we meet our son for the first time, but I’m also trying to savor the last few experiences of this chapter before the next one begins. Being a parent has taught me patience and I am putting it to practice right now.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and I’m now squarely at 30 pounds gained. She informed me that she didn’t think I would be going into labor this week because I didn’t look uncomfortable enough. I tried to convince her that I’m having trouble sleeping and my hips and back are killing me but she just smiled and said “We’ll see how it goes”. I don’t think she bought it. And I actually agree with her-  despite my growing discomfort, I’m almost certain Arlo will be a May baby. 

In the meantime, I’m trying to stay comfortable with weekly chiropractor appointments, a prenatal massage on the books for this Friday, and a good long float in a swimming pool this weekend.

Top: Megan Neilsen Maternity

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Qupid w/vintage shoe clips



P.S. Raleigh friends! Brent is opening for the popular southern rock band, Parmalee this Friday (tomorrow!) at Deep South. He’ll go on around 8:30pm. This will probably be my last opportunity to attend one of his shows for awhile, so I’d love for you to come out and say hello! Tickets are available here.