Final Countdown: 0 weeks to Arlo

FORTY WEEKS-WHAT THE HECK?!?!?  I really did think our little fella would be here by now - but I’ve also felt like he’s done a ton of growing this week. Clearly he’s taking full advantage of this extra baking time to pack on some good baby chub before he makes his way into the world.

I fluctuate between feeling really wonderful, completely content and totally happy to wait as long as he wants - and being miserably uncomfortable, frustrated and willing to do anything to get him out RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. Remember when I said I’d learned patience with parenthood? Apparently I haven’t learned enough.

At my appointment yesterday, I’d gained 3 pounds since last week. My midwife also asked to check to see if I was dilated based on the fact that I was completely full term and had a fairly quick labor with Everly. She wanted to know if my body was making progress - and sure enough - I’m already walking around 3 and half centimeters dilated right now! She also said she felt his head (SHE FELT HIS HEAD, PEOPLE!) I’m not having a ton of braxton hicks contractions like I did with Everly but I feel loads and loads of pressure (something I never really felt with her). What does this all mean?!?! Will I go into labor tonight? Next week? WILL I BE PREGNANT FOREVER?

On another note - I have no interest in even hearing the words “induction” until I’m staring 42 weeks in the face. Unfortunately, there are no natural guaranteed ways to start labor and breaking my water or using chemicals to induce labor will just put me at a greater risk for requiring more interventions and lessens my chance of having then natural birth experience that I want. So, we wait. and walk. and bounce on a birth ball. and eat spicy food. and try every other non-invasive way you could think to induce labor including playing soccer, doing lunges in my living room and eating 4 whole pineapples (may I never have to eat another pineapple in my life!)

Lace shrug: Vintage

Tank: Forever21

Skirt: Urban Outfitters