Little Traditions: Happy Half Birthday!

If there is one thing I absolutely love about having a family, it’s starting little traditions of our very own, be it our anniversary family holiday or after bedtime dessert runs. Since Everly’s birthday falls so close to Christmas, we decided we’d start another little tradition by celebrating her half birthday in the summertime. We wanted to have just a mini celebration - a sweet treat, a little gift or two and a birthday song. We plan to do the same for Arlo on his half birthday too. Here’s how we celebrated Everly’s special day:

A pink cupcake with rainbow sprinkles!

Laughing at baby brother in a party hat!

Opening her gifts: a child sized accordian

And a kinderglo, color changing portable night light. They were both a BIG hit with our little lady.

I think we had as much fun as she did. Brent keeps playing the little accordian and I’ve had to remind him that he has to share with his daughter! Does your family celebrate half birthdays? Do you have little traditions of your own?



Everly’s Romper is by Corky’s Kids via Zulily

Her sandals are by Itzy Bitzy via Totsy