A Day in the Life… Dear Baby

I figured with a peek into so many of my guest blogger friend’s lives that maybe I should use my first day back at work on Wednesday to give you all a peek into my life too. It was harder than I thought to remember to take photos, especially in the afternoon when I got out of work early and got home to my family. Apologies for the grainy photos, but hope you enjoy anyway!


7:30am - Brent and I both snuck out of bed while the kids slept, but not before standing at the foot of the bed quietly for a minute, looking at these two amazing little creatures of ours and whispering “Wow.” It’s still sinking in a bit.

Breakfast with Everly. We watch “Little Bill” on Nick Jr (her favorite!). She munches on a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter (a daddy prepared breakfast creation). I drink my coffee slowly and nibble on a bagel thin with butter.

8:45am - Kiss all my big and little people and then I’m out the door and make the short drive to the office. It’s nice to put NPR on in the car and have a few minutes to myself. It’s been awhile.

9:30am - First meeting of the day with my manager. He catches me up on the big announcements and changes that have occurred in the last three months. I take a few notes while he fills me in on who left the company, the new hires to our team, and some changes in roles and responsibilities.

10:00am - Ok, I can’t wait any longer. I text Brent “How are things going?” He send me a photo text of the kids. It makes me smile and I get back to work.

10:05am - Digging out of the INSANITY that is my inbox. Over 4000 emails waiting for me to delete, reply, or save for later. Whew. I take a deep breath and barrel through.

11:00am - Another meeting. The team welcomes me back and we get down to the business at hand. I resist texting Brent for another update.

11:45am - Well, well, well… what do we have here? The urge to have a Ladies Room Fashion Show gets the best of me - (my first without a baby bump! ) and I say hello to my old friends known as “bad bathroom lighting” and “smudgy bathroom mirror”. Reunited and it feels so good!  Also, I’m happy that my quick and easy no heat curls are doing me right today! 

A note on this outfit:

Dress - Francesca’s Collection - Comfortable, cute and made pumping a breeze

Shoes - Target, last season

12:00am - I didn’t bring lunch since I’m only working a half day today. Run to the break room and grab some animal crackers, mini granola bar, and a bottle of water. I also notice they’ve done away with all of the bad-for-you snacks while I was out. No more being tempted by Cheetos and Chips A hoy cookies. Happy to see lots of healthy options instead!

1pm - Time to multi-task! Sneak off to the fourth floor to pump (where they have conference rooms with locks on the doors -Despite that, I still stress the whole time that someone will walk in!) and I take my last call of the day. We’re discussing a 5 city road tour for the fall and as I start to put my travel schedule together I try not to freak out. All of my work travel when Everly was an infant was the demise of my breastfeeding days and I’m determined not to let that happen this time. Promise myself I’m not going to get worked up about it. I’ll find a way.

1:45pm - Get in my daily stair climb through the parking deck. Woo hoo! First day of work is done. Pull up in the driveway 8 minutes later to see Brent and Arlo waiting for me in the yard. Everly is inside napping and I am a happy woman to be home.

Change out of my work clothes, then immediately pick up Arlo and squish on him for a very long time. Inhale that spot right at his neck. Tell him how much I missed him and let him nurse a bit while I fill Brent in on my day

2:30pm Everly wakes up from her nap and we plan out our afternoon. We load the kids up and decide to do a little house hunting. (Did I mention we’re going to buy a house?!? More on that later!) We drive through all of our favorite old neighborhoods picking out houses we like and playing the “I wish we lived there” game on the ones we’ll never be able to afford.

3:30pm -Stop by Pie Bird for some sweet treats to bring to dinner at the Gainer’s house. I choose the following to die for flavors: Honey with sea salt, blueberry cheesecake, Banana with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate cream, and smores (in honor of National Smores day!)

4:00pm - We aswing by Brent’s sisters house to visit with family (and here is where I start to forget to take photos because I’m having too much fun)

5:30pm - Dinner with our best friends! We pick fresh figs off the tree in their backyard and scatter them along with some olive oil, spices, cheese and proscuitto onto pizza crusts. Then we pair it with a salad & homemade honey mustard vinagrette. YUM!

8:00pm - Already past Everly’s bedtime when we head home (whoops!). When we get home, Brent puts her down and I nurse Arlo until he passes out. I squish on him for a long while and watch him smile in his sleep.

10:00pm - Finish blogging, straighten the house, and sit down to do some online house hunting with Brent. We’re so excited to find a place to call our own and raise our babies! I’m also grateful that we have really similar taste in what we like. It would be really hard to narrow it down otherwise!

11:00pm - Lights out! Proud of myself for going to bed before midnight and feeling really happy with how my first day back went. “We’re gonna be just fine” I say to Brent in the dark. I’m referring to all of the responsibility we have on our plate these days - work, children, house, each other. Without having to explain he says back “More than fine. We’ve got this.” Arlo stirs in the pram for a minute then falls back asleep. I say a little prayer to God and thank Him for my family and my life, (like I do every night) then off to sleep I go.