The Nut House.

Yesterday Everly got into a little packet of lacing cards I had ordered to put in her Christmas stocking. I usually take things like that straight up to the attic so she doesn’t see them, but she caught sight of these and it was all over. While she was playing with them, I tied one around her head and then she motioned for me to wear one too. Before we knew it, she had talked Brent into wearing one as well (although we snickered that it barely fit around his head) and she kept pointing and saying “Arlo. bow. Arlo. bow” so on his went too.

Arlo studies us so intently these days that I wish I knew what he is thinking when he follows us as we dance around the room. All that racket we make with old records blaring, Brent’s guitar ringing out, and high pitched squeals from Everly. I wonder if he’s amused or concerned that of all the families in this world, he belongs to one with three crazy people swaying around with arms flying and shoestrings tied to their heads.

(Hate to break it to you kid, but you’re genetically predisposed to be part of this nut house too.)



Everly’s tank top: A gift from Maia & Q of the Voyager’s shop

Everly’s flower clip: A gift from Emily & Poppy of Uff Da Designs