The rundown. 9 months.

Letters to Everly - because this blog is the closest thing to a baby book you will probably ever have.

Stats: You’re such a beeferoni! This week at the pediatrician you weighed 21 pounds and measured 29 inches long. You’re in the 85th percentile for weight and 90th for height. (Which explains why all of your 9 month pants are high waters!) You still have the most delicious chunky legs.

Teeth: Poor little mouth - You got SIX teeth between months eight and nine. You now have your 4 front top and bottom teeth. You’re also learning to use them to bite off pieces of food like noodles and greenbeans.

Feeding: We still feed you some purees, but you prefer “real” food now.  Most days, you eat small bites right off our plates.  You are learning to pick up small pieces and put them in your mouth (although a lot of them wind up in your lap) and you’ve gotten really good at putting a spoon full of food in your own mouth. You are already displaying a “let me do it myself” mentality. You love fish and chicken (we haven’t given you any red meat), pasta, all vegetables, most fruits, cheese, soups, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal and those little puff cereal pieces.

Awesome stuff you’re doing now:

You’ve never been much of a crawler (only when you absolutely have to) but you love to stand. You pull up on everything and several times this week you’ve let go completely and stood unassisted for increasingly longer lengths. Two nights ago you stood on your own for almost 20 seconds before our cheers startled you and you plopped to your bottom.

We’ve been trying to get you to use a sippy cup since the pediatrician recommended it at 6 months. Every time we’d offer it, you’d put your mouth to it, give it a displeased look and throw it to the floor. I tried it again last weekend and you grabbed both handles and starting drinking from it like you’d been doing it for forever!

You say mama, dada, bye bye (complete with wave hand motions). When I give you my cell phone, you hold it to your ear and say “hey!” (then you try to eat it).  You can make a kissy sound (we’re trying to teach you to blow a kiss) and a clucking noise. You’ve started mimicking the inflection and syllables that we use and your favorite thing to mimic is saying Gibson’s name (our dog). We’ll call to him “Gib son!!!” and you’ll repeat “did dum!” 

You love music. Specifically da da’s guitar. When you hear him start to play, you like to stand and dance to the music. You also love to hum along when I sing to you. You love to shake your rattle, pound your palms on a drum, and strum your fingers across the strings of a guitar.

(with wet hair, fresh from a morning bath)

We are just so proud of you Everly. Watching you grow each day is the greatest delight of our lives.