Ladies Room Fashion Show. Weeks of 4/18 & 4/25

I’m having to combine weeks again as I’ve been working from home more and more often lately. It’s just become really uncomfortable to sit at my desk for long periods of time, even with lots of walking around and using my birth ball as a chair. I’m really lucky that my company has allowed me to come in as I feel up to it but my poor Ladies Room Fashion Show posts are suffering because of it.

And I think this might be my last one. This has really been a blast and I appreciate all of you who have kindly sent comments and messages in support of this silly (but admittedly fun) little workplace maternity fashion series. Thanks for indulging me!

So let’s jump in with my last collection of fuzzy bathroom photos!

Last Monday

I’ve worn a variation of this outfit before. I’m slightly obsessed with this skirt as the stretchy/ruched top allows for it to double as a dress. Plus it’s really, really soft. I’ve got plans this weekend to run back over to the little shop near our local university to grab another one in a different color to wear after Arlo is born. It’s no fuss and will be super easy to nurse in too. Best 15 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Sugar Magnolia

Belt: Thrifted, Goodwill

Shoes: Target

Last Tuesday

Brent and Everly picked out this top for me for my birthday. While I’m not usually a pink gal, I like the fun detail on the sleeves and knowing that they spent time choosing it just for me makes me really love it.

Also, I keep seeing different variations of these wedges from Target  that run upwards of $120. I grabbed these guys for $29.99 at my local Target and I’m happy to report that they’re pretty comfortable too (edit: a few readers said they dug in their heels, I wear my often without that problem - but be sure to try them on and see how the work for you!).

Top: Francesca’s Collections

Belt: Vintage

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Shoes: Mossimo, Target


I think this bright skirt is so much fun. It just screams spring to me. I remember the day I found it while shopping at Held Over in the Haight. I was fairly early on in my pregnancy with Everly and wound up wearing it all the way through! I love pieces like this that work whether I’ve got a normal waistline or a fully baked baby in my belly.

And I caved to the flats this week. You know I’m legit uncomfortable when I finally say bye bye to my trusty tall wedges and heels.

Top: Target

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: Target (I’m lovin’ on some Target this week!)


Thursday was a CRAZY one for me. Back to back meetings for most of the day and rarely a spare moment to catch my breath. I’ve been laying in bed at night thinking about all of the ends I need to tie up on projects before I go out on maternity leave. I plan to work right up until Arlo is born so I don’t know how many days I have left to get it all done. With so many meetings, I wanted something stretchy and comfortable and this ensemble fit the bill.

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Asos Maternity

Shoes: Steve Madden ( You can’t really tell in this photo, but they are the cutest shade of mustard yellow with gun metal colored sequins on the toe)


Which leads us to today. I have to admit, I was watching the royal wedding coverage when I got dressed this morning and Princess Catherine’s beautiful dress inspired me to add a little feminine lace to today’s attire. I think wearing tank tops to the office is probably inappropriate (although I wear little cap sleeves all the time) but who cares, it’s the last day of LRFS so I decided to go WILD (It’s pretty sad if this is my definition of wild these days).

Tank: Francesca’s Collections

Lace Vest: c/o Francesca’s Collections

Belt: Vintage

Skirt: Sugar Magnolia

Shoes: Target

FAREWELL LADIES ROOM FASHION SHOW! You’ve brought me a good laugh and taught me to be extra stealthy in taking photos in a shared bathroom. For those of you who are really bored, take a look back at all 11 weeks of my LRFS posts:

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(whew, that’s a lot of potty breaks)



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Weeks of April 4 & April 11

Oh hi! What is this post doing here on a Wednesday?  Well, I didn’t get a chance to do last week’s Ladies Room Fashion Show and I’m going to be out of the office at the end of this week so I decided to smush two weeks together and go with it.

Last Monday

EXTREME CLOSEUP!!! This dress didn’t photograph well far away so I got all up close and personal on this one. This has been an easy work dress and one that I plan to hand down to an expecting mama friend this summer.

Dress: I heart Ronson

Lace bolero: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

Shoes (Not Pictured): Seychelle Mary Janes

Last Tuesday

We got a little cold spell last week and I was forced back into my jeans and cardigan routine. You all know how much I love my cardis but I can’t tell you how excited I am to replace them with bare arms. Something about being pregnant makes me want to wear as few clothes as possible.

Cardigan: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Lacey tunic: A gift from my BFF Natasha. I don’t know the brand but I know it came from Off 5th.

Belt: Vintage

Wedges: Urban Outfitters

Last Wednesday

I am seeing this striped skirt from Asos all over the blogosphere lately. Apparently midi length skirts are all the rage this spring (I read it on the cover of a magazine at my chiropractor’s office this week) so maybe that explains it. I just love them because they fully cover my bump without hiking my hemline up to an inappropriate length.

Pink silk top: F21

Skirt: (not maternity)

Wedges: Qupid


I really loved this look. Mainly because it was form fitting and made me feel kinda slim (despite the big baby belly). I also loved it because it was stretchy cotton and basically felt like I was wearing pajamas all day. Feeling skinny and comfortable = best outfit ever!

Dress: Francesca’s Collections,  Shoulders Above Dress (a birthday gift from my honey. I love these cute sleeves!)

Leggings: F21

Scarf: F21 (I cleaned out our closet last weekend and found this awesome scarf wedged in the bottom under a pair of boots. SCORE! I totally forgot I had it)

Belt: Vintage

Wedges: Urban Outfitters


I’ve been having a lot of hip and back pain due to Arlo’s position in my belly and have been hobbling around the office a bit. Everyone is giving me a hard time for continuing to wear tall wedges despite the fact that I look like I need a hover round scooter. But my hips and back hurt  just the same when I’m barefoot or in flats - so whatever, I’m wearing my favorite shoes!

Top: c/o Francesca’s Collections, Behind your back dress

Nude Cami: Target (I am so boobalicious right now, I need a little extra coverage for the office)

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Shoes: Mia Tudor wedges


I am having hot flashes today! Seriously I have had to resist the urge to hike the skirt  of this dress up between my knees all day. I’m melting!!  My colleagues assure me that the office isn’t hot (a few even said they were a little chilly) so I guess the problem is all mine. I really want to strip down to my underoos right now. Thank goodness I’m working from home tomorrow!

Dress: Asos (not maternity) I found it in the sale section and bought it in a size up. I love the versatility of maxi dresses.

Lace Vest: c/o Francesca’s Collections, Dainty Doilie Vest. One of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. I want to put it on over everything and I never fail to get compliments on it.

Belt: Vintage

Shoes: (not pictured) Sseko sandals

I keep thinking about the future of this series once Arlo comes. It’s been fun to do while I’ve been pregnant because of the extra challenge of dressing my bump - but I’m not sure how applicable it will be once I return to work. I think I’d like to hand the torch over to other expecting moms who work in the corporate world. Who’s up for the challenge??  I want to see your own Ladies Room Fashion Show! I challenge you to whip out those phone cameras and start capturing your daily work wear. And don’t forget to send me the link to your blog when you do!!



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of March 28th.

I bet you were hoping I’d just forget to post my weekly travesty to fashion and photography otherwise known as Ladies Room Fashion Show. Last week’s giveaways and my birthday beach weekend tossed this little post further and further out but I rallied hard and here we are.  I honestly considered not doing a post for last week because truthfully, I’m just feeling tired. My brain isn’t functioning as well as I would like most mornings and it’s always a crap shoot to see what dresses and tops (that fit perfectly fine two weeks ago) remain office appropriate. So let’s do this.


Welcome to the outfit I wore everyday for a year in San Francisco. Cardigan, skinny jeans, cowboy boots. Terribly uninventive but cut me some slack, it was Monday after all!

Cardigan: Forever21

Cream shirt: Liz Lange Maternity

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Belt: Vintage

Cowboy boots: so old you can’t even read the maker name in them anymore.


Oh wow. If Monday’s are terribly uninventive, then Tuesdays are “put on everything in your closet” day. I’m also 90% sure that while incredibly cute, this fedora is not an appropriate office accessory - but I dare someone to tell that to a 9 month pregnant woman having a bad hair day.

Fedora - Fracesca’s Collections

Blouse - Francesca’s Collections

Vest - Forever21

Belt - Vintage

Jeans - Gap Skinny Maternity

Shoes - Seychelles


Woo hoo! My birthday! I decided to celebrate my newfound 30-something maturity by dressing up a bit more than usual. Complete with high heels. I remember a co-worker of mine who could wear nothing but Crocs for the last month of her pregnancy due to swelling. I’m downright appreciative that I haven’t met the same fate yet, so my plan is to rock the heels as long as possible.

Jacket: Forever21

Black top: H&M

Black maternity pencil skirt: Asos

Vintage flower pin: Gift

Shoes: BCBG


Polka dots. Stripes. Bright colors. If this outfit doesn’t scream “Let’s hurry up and get to tomorrow so I can go on vacation” then I don’t know what does.

Cardigan: (Going forward,  whenever I type the word cardigan, I want everyone to collective yell out: Forever21! in response)

Dress: Jones New York

Red Belt: Borrowed from a vintage dress that I can NOT WAIT to wear again post baby.

Wedges: Qupid

Friday - No picture as I was blissfully enjoying myself at the beach.

Are you guys still awake? Yes, I do hope so.  I think if I had to pick a favorite outfit this week - it would be Wednesday because it was such a great day and I felt good all dressed up. How ‘bout you? Anything you’d wear yourself?



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of March 21st.

Oh gah, getting dressed was REALLY hard this week. The main problem is that I haven’t done our laundry in forever - I’ve been too busy washing cloth diapers, Everly’s clothes and sweet little things for Arlo. Brent and I are bad for neglecting our stuff these days. But it was made worse by the fact that I leaned a little too close to a poison oak vine during our maternity photoshoot last weekend and got it all over the front and back of my left arm and down my side. So many pieces in my closet made the itching worse and this is the first thing in my pregnancy that has had me in dramatic “I CAN’T TAKE THIS!” tears - mainly because there are very few medicines/ointments that are approved for pregnant women to take. I’m really funny about taking any medicine during pregnancy, even the doctor approved kind, but after 4 days of suffering, I finally caved and bought some Claritin as recommended by my midwife. (Ok. I’m done crying now, let’s get on with it… shall we?)


How very “corporate America” do I look here? The knee length navy dress and cardigan have been done a thousand different times, but I wasn’t in a mood to be creative on Monday morning.

Cardigan: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Dress: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

Shoes: Forever21


Remember last week when I had lots of witty little comments about each outfit. Well, apparently Poison Oak also affected my mental faculties because I’m struggling. I can’t even remember a knock knock joke right now.

Gray blouse: vintage

Floral tunic: Topshop Maternity

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Shoes: Mia Tudor


We had a big two day meeting this week with our sales team at an offsite location. I walked into the ladies room and GASP! NO FULL LENGTH MIRRORS!!! (Whoever picked this location obviously didn’t fully vet the needs of our team). So this is all I could manage. Fortunately, you’ve all seen this dress before. It’s the same one I wore for my 31 weeks post.

Dress: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

Glasses: Martin & Martin


Still at the offsite. but yall, I was straight up miserable. Poison Oak won this day and I couldn’t even manage a photo or a smile.


Which leads me to today… The Claritin is sort of working and I’m no longer ready to buy out the Home Depot’s supply of wire grill brushes to use on my arms. I can sort of stand it today. Can you see some of it? There on my left arm? I’m afraid my coworkers might think I have leprosy. Also, I wore this shirt last Friday too, but all I wanted was breathable, soft cotton clothing so it’s making another appearance.

Striped Tshirt: Target

Dress: Asos Maternity

Leggings: Forever21

Belt: Stole it off a tunic in my closet

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Ooof. Can this work week just be OVER already? It’s been so hard to concentrate on doing actually work when all my brain can think is “don’t scratch. don’t scratch. BUT IT ITCHES!! don’t scratch.”

Hurry up weekend.



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of March 14th

Sorry for filling my blog with two of these in a week.  I know it’s a whole lot of really poor quality photos . There are so many times that I blog thinking “I’m sure anyone who reads my blog is wanting to scratch their eyes out right now at this ridiculous Melissa Show.” So thank you, kind people, for leaving cute comments and encouraging me to keep stealing away a minute of my bathroom breaks to do awkward poses in the bathroom mirror in an attempt to photograph what I wore to work each day.


This was one of those - reach in the closet, put whatever you grab on together and get your butt to work because you’re already late outfits. Totally boring, not very flattering either.  I slept on my bangs funny and didn’t have time to fix them so I just pinned them to the side. That night on our way to dinner, I looked in the rear view mirror and said to Brent “OMG, I think I’m wearing the exact same hairstyle as Meredith from The Office" He proceeded to erupt into laughter as I promptly snatched the bobby pins out of my hair.

Peach top: Forever21

Gray tank: Zara

Jeans: Gap Skinny maternity

Flamingo Belt: Vintage

Shoes: MIA Tudor wedges


If you have a strong urge to hold my hand and drink a juice box, it might be because I totally remind you of your first grade teacher in this outfit. Except she probably didn’t wear 4 inch clog heels (so just ignore those). Now, where was I… oh yes… “Single file line, children!”

White blouse: Zara

Skirt: Sugar Magnolia

Belt: Vintage braided leather

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


I’m strongly considering renaming work from home days “Free boobs day” or “Crazy bed hair day” Let’s take a vote.


I’m trying desperately here to switch up the hand on my hip pose that I’ve subconsciously decided is the most flattering for these photographs. Here I’m trying out a sexy new pose I call “Rooster with Monacle”.

Cardigan: that old one from high school (yes, AGAIN! Leave me alone, it goes with everything)

Dress/Top: Zara (I bought this on our trip to Spain in Bilbao where our little Spanish bambino was made. So it feels appropriate to wear it as a make-shift maternity top)

Leggings: Target

Wedges: Qupid


I used up all my witty outfit intros. I’ve got nothing.

Lace shrug: vintage

Striped tee: Target

Skirt: Woo

Shoes: Mia Tudor Wedges

Whatcha think, anything in the bunch that you’d consider wearing? I feel like I had some real misses this week - but maybe that’s because I’ve been saving up my oh-so-cute outfits for this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be attending Kristen's baby shower and we have our maternity photoshoot planned for the afternoon. Sunday we're headed out to Nick & Kate's farm, for a “Welcome Spring!” picnic with The Gainers.  It’s supposed to be beautifully sunny and warm here and I can’t wait!



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of March 7th.

Since I’m a few days behind in posting this, let’s just jump right in to last week’s work attire.


I stuck to my “no-more-tights” declaration despite the fact that it was only in the high 50’s this day. It was a quick and chilly walk into the office.

Top: Liz Lange Maternity

Skirt: Vintage, from Held Over on Haight St.

Shoes: Qupid


When this all came together, it had a bit of safari chic feel to it. All I needed was some binoculars and Land Rover and I’d be set. I’m also totally stoked to introduce Francesca’s Collection as a new Dear Baby sponsor. I’ve got a full blog post  coming on their incredibly versatile (and super affordable) line with tons of maternity friendly options. I’ve already started weaving some of my favorite pieces from their current spring collection into my daily wardrobe and I’m loving the results!

Scarf: Vintage

Top: c/o Francesca’s and available here.

Belt: Thifted, Haight St Goodwill

Jeans: Gap Skinny maternity

Shoes: Mia Tudor (Available at Francesca’s here)


I think this is the last time I can wear this little dress for awhile. My preggo boobs have stretched the top of this garment to maximum capacity and I was self conscious about it most of the day. I love the feminine flutter sleeves of this dress and both this belt and shoes are key players in my wardrobe so they’re seeing lots of action lately.

Dress/Top: H&M

Belt: Vintae

Leggings: Forever21

Shoes: Steve Madden


What a rainy, dreary day!  I did my best to spice things up with this bright striped top and my favorite rain boots. I’m actually wearing this Francesca’s collection dress backwards, as the ornate design is supposed to be on the back - but I didn’t want it hidden behind my cardigan, so I turned it around and it still looked fantastic. Brent bought me these rainboots as a surprise during our first rainy winter in San Francisco. I can’t wear them without thinking of his sweet gesture, so they always put a smile on my face no matter how gray the day may be.

Red Striped top: c/o Francesca’s Collection and available here.

Cardigan: A million years old!

Black stretch leggings: Target

Rain boots: Shoe Biz on Haight St

Friday: Work from home. You guys know the routine - no bra, no shoes, no makeup. ahhhh!

What was your favorite from the week?  It’s a toss up between Tuesday and Wednesday for me. The good news is that all of them were supremely comfortable (now that those horribly constricting tights are out of the picture!) The bad news is that now I’ve got a whole new week of closet brainstorming ahead of me!



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of February 28th.

You guys ready for this week’s installment of bad artificial lighting and grainy camera phone outfit photos?

Monday The jury is still out on this outfit. I was attracted to the combination of warm colors - rose pink, red, orange - but felt that the skirt paired with the style of this top came off as 70’s secretary - and not in a good way. 

Blouse - Thrifted. Haight St. Goodwill. I’m pretty sure it was once part of a waitress uniform. It says ‘Coffee, Tea, and Latte’ in really small print all over it.

Red Belt - Thrifted. No idea where I got it but it’s been in my closet forever.

Skirt - Sugar Magnolia. I stuck my head in this little shop on NC State’s campus last weekend as it was right next to the smoothie shop and the sign on the front said “Nothing over $15”. The quality was just as I expected, but they had some bohemian inspired items with stretchy waistbands that I couldn’t pass up.

Shoes - Forever21.  One of my readers commented she has these shoes and that they are so uncomfortable. (To be expected from F21) but suprisingly, the pair I have are REALLY comfortable, hence why I tend to wear the heck out of them. I guess I lucked out and got a good pair.


Another work from home day! Pajama pants and no bra all day long and happy to not have to think about what I was wearing.

Wednesday Ahhh! Nothing beats a stretchy maxi dress for comfort.  One thing I really dislike about pregnancy is getting an outie belly button. That sucker popped out at like 15 weeks this go round (it was more like 30 wks w/ EV) and I hate when you can see it through my clothes. I’ve started wearing a belly band so you can’t see it - Am I a weirdo or do any of you other pregnant gals hate this too?

Cardigan - Forever21 Writing these posts has made me realize that 99% of my cardigans come from F21. I had to wear them almost everyday in San Francisco due to the chilly afternoons so I stocked up.

Dress - Forever 21

Gray Belt - I stole it off a little dress to give me a waistline

Shoes - I can’t remember who makes these gray wedges, but I’ve had them for atleast 3 years now and they are SO comfortable. I think it’s getting time to have them resoled.

Thursday It was chilly when I woke up, so I decided to get one more good wear out of my knee high boots before the season ends.

Striped cardigan - (surprise, surprise) Forever21

Orange Scarf - boutique shop in Key West. I felt like this outfit needed a pop of color so I tossed on this little scarf last minute.

Top - Urban Outfitters. It used to be a dress until I dried it and it shrunk. Now it’s an awesome maternity top. I can’t wait to wear it in the spring as it has a gorgeous open back.

Jeans - Gap Skinny maternity

Knee high boots: Rocketdog

Friday I’ve made a declaration to put away all tights until next fall. One because, it’s been teetering right around sixty degrees most days and that’s warm enough in my book to go without them and two because my tights are completely PO’d that I’m continuing to stuff my body into them (I never bought any maternity ones) and they’re SO uncomfortable now. The fact that I made it so far into my pregnancy in them is a miracle.

Cardigan  - (gasp!) NOT FOREVER21! I’ve had it since high school.

Dress - Vintage. From a now closed little shop in our old neighborhood in San Francisco

Stretch Belt - Vintage. Bluebird

Shoes - Forever21

Nothing jumps out as a favorite outfit this week - they all were just ok - but Monday definitely was my least favorite. I’ve recently teamed up with an amazing clothing company and can’t wait to start integrating some of their pretty options into my photos.

Happy Friday!



Ladies Room Fashion Show. Week of February 21st.

Hello my loves!  I’m back again with this week’s work clothes line-up. Can you believe it’s Friday already? I’m not complaining or anything, but seriously, how did it get here so fast?!?

Alright, let’s get this show on the road.

Monday (On my front porch because I left work early for a midwife appointment) This outfit isn’t my favorite by a long shot, but it was super comfortable. It feels very “mom-ish” to me.

Cardigan: Forever21

Dress: Maternity hand-me-down (I forgot to check the label to see where it’s from)

Belt: This gorgeous vintage belt buckle once belong to my GodMother’s grandma. Her name was Alderetta (how fabulous!) and I sewed it to a piece of elastic and wear it constantly

Shoes: Steve Madden about a thousand years ago. The wedge, t-strap, and mixed metallics  have made them a classic go-to shoe for atleast 4 years now.


Booo! The cold weather came back. Seriously, did mother nature not get the memo from Mr. Groundhog. I want my spring and I want it now!

Floral Tunic: Target (an old staple from my EV maternity wardrobe)

Crochet Vest: Forever21

Braided Belt: Vintage

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Boots: Vintage Zodiac. I bought these boots in college and got into a bidding war for them on ebay. I wanted them BAD but I was making next to nothing as a waitress. With a little encouragement from my room mates, I wound up bidding all the way up to $100 for them which was WAY more than I should have spent (or could really afford) at the time but the investment proved worthy as I’ve worn them for years and years.

Wednesday This was my favorite outfit of the week. A coworker told me I looked like I could be in the movie Beetlejuice, which made me laugh. I felt very circus-y and kept wishing I could get away with wearing a little top hat.

Sweater: Forever21

Skirt: Asos

Belt: Vintage (I dug it out of a big bin of leather belts at Held Over on Haight St)

Tights: H&M - and probably the last time I can wear them until next fall. They have gotten too tight for this baby bump!

Shoes: Seychelles. My mama bought me these maryjanes for my birthday a few years ago from a little shoe boutique in the Castro. I wear them constantly!

Vintage Sailboat Pin: I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out where I got this! Was it a gift? A family hand-me-down? A little goody from our old next door neighbor Mike, who used to run a vintage shop in Lower Haight and was always giving us random trinkets? Any of the above are a possibility!


No Photo Available! I worked from home in yoga pants and Brent’s old Che Guevara t-shirt plus a really ratty ponytail. I was such a raggamuffin last night that Brent actually said to me “Honey, you should really take a shower” hahaha. yikes!

Friday It’s nearly 70 degrees outside and I keep debating taking these tights off.

Cardigan: Forever21

Top: H&M

Vintage Flamingo buckle Rope Belt: Bluebird

Skirt: Made by Woo. Another EV pregnancy wardrobe staple that I’ve pulled out again. I bought it at a little boutique in Hayes Valley after a brunch date with some of my girlfriends. I love the color, the length,  the big pockets and the stretchy waistband.

Tights: Target. ahhhh, I can breath! Atleast this pair still fit.

Shoes: Qupid. go-to black work wedges.

Another work week on it’s way out the door!  What are your plans for the weekend?



Ladies Room Fashion Show

Dun dun dun dunnnn!!!!! (pretend like that’s a horn playing)

Welcome to my new segment on Dear Baby - Ladies Room Fashion Show!!! (Audience Applause) With the number of bathroom breaks I take these days and my new handy-dandy Android phone (omgah obsessed) - I figured this might be the easiest (and also,  the laziest) way to capture my adventures in trying to dress an ever-growing baby bump in work appropriate attire.

This new segment will post every Friday and feature whatever the heck I managed to dig out of my closet to wear to work that week. You are guaranteed to see some major players in my maternity wardrobe (Hello gap skinny jeans and my favorite cardigan!) as well as some unfortunate sartorial choices (decision making at 7am doesn’t always work out in my favor).

So let’s get started.

Wednesday (Day one with the new phone)

Cardigan - Forever21

Floral top - Topshop maternity*

Jeans - Liz Lange Maternity (from my 1st pregnancy)

Wedge heels - Urban Outfitter

Thursday (Don’t I look studious with my book? I was headed to a meeting)

Cardigan: Forever21

Top: (pre-pregnancy this qualified as a dress) X-Generation (My favorite cheap-o clothing shop on Haight Street)

Jeans: Gap Skinny Maternity

Vintage Black Rope Belt w/ flamingo bird buckle: Bluebird Vintage (now closed in Lower Haight - boo!)

Black wedges: Qupid

Friday (Good hair day = finally found time to properly wash & dry it this morning)

Cardigan: (Making it’s second appearance this week - I need to do laundry) Forever21

Dress: Banana Republic*

Nude lace-up heels: Forever21 (one of my favorite cheap-shoe purchases ever)

More than anything, I’m hoping that knowing I’ve got to own up to the stuff I wear to work on my blog each week is going to keep me accountable on those days when I just feel like wearing the same old boring jersey knit dress and my hair in a pony tail.

Riveting stuff here, people…. I know you’re all on the edge of your seats for next week ;)



* These two items just arrived in a big box from my blog friend Annie (of Little Ocean Annie). I bought out some of her maternity wear since she just had her beautiful little boy Jacob and she has killer fashion sense. I’m now stocked with new-to-me maternity friendly options in my closet - sweet!

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