Everly Says…

(While singing along to Ariana Grande’s “One less problem without you.”)

"I’ve got one less problem with arm pits… I’ve got one less problem with arm pits."

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Everly Says…

(Everly had Vacation Bible School this week. I asked her a few days ago if she knew the names of the teachers in her class. Yesterday she came back with this.)

Everly: Mama, I learned the teacher’s name!

Me: Oh yeah? What is it?

Everly: Jacka…um, Jacka…  Jackolantern?

Me: Jacqueline?

Everly: Yeah that’s it! 

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Everly says…

(After finding her with a handful of hand sanitizer she had squirted at a friend’s birthday party)

Me: Everly! You have like 8 gallons of hand sanitizer in your hand!

Everly: No I don’t! It’s only 1 gallon!

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Everly Says…

Everly (in a dreamy voice): Mommy, did daddy get down on his knees and one knee was up and one knee was down and then he kissed your hand and said, “will you marry me?”

Me: Yep

Everly (completely disgusted): That is so creepy!

I think I laughed for a solid minute. 

(and also, the real way Brent proposed was not quite so story book but I can’t tell her the truth until she is an adult) 

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Everly Says…

Me: That’s preposterous!

Everly: “That’s pasta sauce!”

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Everly says…

Everly: wait, wait, wait… I know it’s bed time, but just one question…
Me: what?
Everly: Can I borrow that dress you have on tomorrow?

(Four years old and already in my closet. Not a day goes by that I don’t find her standing in her room wearing my heels, my hat, a scarf and one of my tops as a dress. So often she’ll catch me watching her and she’ll just say to me nonchalantly without skipping a beat in her imaginary play, “I told you it was time to pick the kids up! We’re going to be late.” And then she’ll just sashay away in my too big heels. )

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Everly says…

Brent: “Everly you can’t eat that cupcake until you finish your dinner.”

Everly: “But I just want to tell it one thing.”


Everly: (straight to the cupcake) “Mommy loves you! Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

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Everly Says…

Me: “Everly, we get to go see Santa on Saturday night! What are you going to ask him to bring you?”

 ”I don’t want to tell you.”

Me: “Oh, well, ok. As long as you tell Santa, that’s all that matters.” (Knowing full well she’s told me a half a dozen times already what she wants for Christmas)

A few minutes go by and she leans over quietly and whispers…

"Know what I’m gonna ask Santa to bring me? Some reindeer poops!"

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Everly Says…

"Oh, daddy! Can I have some booty poofs?"

Everly, upon seeing a bag of Pirate’s Booty in the cabinet.

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Arlo Says…

Brent: I think Arlo has pink eye

Arlo: I not pink eyes! I baby blue eyes!

(I’ve been meaning to post this all week! Arlo’s first legit  ”Arlo says”.)

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