Then and Now

Early March, 2012:

Late February, 2013:

What a difference a year makes!  Same sweet face, same crazy love for his daddy’s longboard, and still rockin’ a hat like nobody’s business - but so much about our son has changed. Since last year he has gained a head full of blonde curls, a mouth full of teeth, and is nearly 6 pounds heavier.

I always love to compare the tangible reminders of our children’s growth. This weekend I went digging through a bin of outgrown clothing so that I could pull out Arlo’s first pair of New Balances (in the first set of photos above) and compare them to the second pair he is wearing now. The first were a tiny size 2 and his new ones are a toddler size 6!  It’s amazing just how much our magic boy has grown in the last twelve months. 

I’m sure I’ll have to abandon my efforts once his New Balances reach the size of a stinky-footed teenager, but I hope to save each pair he outgrows over the years so that he will have a little collection of his NBs in gradually larger sizes from his childhood. I’m doing the same for EV with her Saltwater sandals. I hope it will be a nice thing to pass down to their own children or to shadowbox and display one day.



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